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  • Construction of skids, vessels and boilers
  • Construction and laying of pipelines and tubing
  • Global maintenance services
  • Hook-up and pre-commissioning of structures and plants
  • Pre-engineering, pre-fabrication and assembly of metal structures
  • Pre-engineering, pre-fabrication, assembly and transport of offshore plant
  • Pre-fabrication and assembly of industrial plant
  • Design, engineering andprocurement of turnkey plant


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  • Procurement, installation and maintenance of solar powered cathodic protection system
  • Pipeline integrity and coating defects survey
  • Pipeline leak remediation and wall reinforcement using the “StrongBack composite system”
  • Non-destructive ultrasonic test
  • Leak detection system using “Leakloc”
  • Sand/Grit blasting of pipelines and tanks
  • Procurement and application of high performance protective coating system (anti-corrosion and fire proof)
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The company provides services to major oil firms operating in the sector - Pipelines and Marketing company Ltd (PPMC), Shell Petroleum Development Company Ltd, Addax Petroleum Development Nigeria Ltd and Agip Nigeria Ltd.

We have the experienced personnel, the on-going training, the premier products & services and the facilities to provide for all the construction and maintenance needs of companies operating in the oil and gas sector.

Partnering with customers to develop innovative solutions and excellence in delivery are the hallmarks of any services provider. ADVANCED COATING TECHNOLOGY (ACT) is a leading provider of technical services to major firms operating in the oil and gas sector. Incorporated in 1987, the company provides a wide range of services to the sector including construction, pipeline integrity and professional services.

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with an operational base in Port Harcourt as well as an office in Warri in the Delta State, we have grown over the last 16 years to become one of the major firms serving the needs of the Nigeria oil and gas sector.

The company’s continued growth and excellent financial performance is based on a well integrated mix of human and technical resources. Our employees are made up of a

group of professionally trained engineers, project managers and management personnel with an extensive range of experiences in all aspects of the sector - both onshore and offshore.

Our operational base, covering 25,000 square meters of office and workshop space, is equipped with state-of-the art technical equipments (Swamp buggy, Lathe machines etc) and the company serves as the region’s exclusive service provider for some of the innovative products in the sector (StrongBack) high performance fire proof coating systems made up of single and double pack polyurethane based paints, corrosion monitoring and prevention services.

ACT has developed a network of partnering relationships with international technology firms including COSMI Spa (Italy), Irem Group (Italy), LP Hoying LLC (USA), Patchmasters International (USA), Nixus International Corporation (USA), and BPL International (Belgium).


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